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Once a fishermen’s village, located at the foot of Mt. Galicica, in a small bay, 12 km from Ohrid on route to St Naum, Pestani has developed into a modern tourist centre, with good restaurants, cafes, shops and a good hotel.
It accommodates families, individuals and groups. Positioned directly beside the lakeshore it is a wonderful place for holiday makers who wish to stay near the lake and enjoy water sports.
In Pestani you can taste the traditional cuisine of the region, delicious ohrid fish, and to meet old citizens of Ohrid, some of who still treasure the traditional way of life in this area.


The village is located high on the hillside of Galicica mountain. Wandering along the grass and stone paths of this almost deserted village one can find all kinds of treasures. Spend some time in the little 15th century church with stunning frescoes and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view over the lake and the old city of Ohrid.
In the urbanized part of Ohrid and in certain private hotels at any moment you can get information about the special tours to the rural villages in the Ohrid area leading to the mountain Galicica, among which this village is enlisted.
What you simply mustn’t miss here is the eco-food with exceptional taste, as well as walking on the slopes of Galicica, whose beauties are protected by UNESCO.


Once a separate village, Velgosti is now one of the suburbs of Ohrid, but it still see and feel the unique traditional way of life in this region.
Positioned at the foot of Istok Mountain, this village provides an opportunity to explore the mountain area, and savour the rural life of its inhabitants such as shepherds, their cuisine and the beauty of the typical rural way of life cultivated for many years.
Above the village, the monastery of St. Petka provides accommodation all year round in a tranquil environment with a beautiful view. Further up the mountain are the churches of St. Ilija and St. Nikola. In these temples time has left rare marks of the significance of people’s faith even in the most difficult times.


If you are looking for quiet village life, beautiful lake views and unspoilt natural beauty visit Elshani. Traditional life goes on here as if time has spoilt still. Each family has its own vineyard, animals are still kept and traditional process such as the distillation of rakija are still practised. Woodcarvers and coopers still pursue their trades.
A wonderful base for mountain walks, the village offers accommodation, shops providing food and drinks, and mountain guides. The local tourist organisation offers a wide range of organised activities such as guided tours into the mountain and surroundings.


A typical example of a fisherman’s settlement on the shores of Lake Ohrid, with houses that are built on the slopes of a steep hill. In the village there are beautiful villas where you can rent an apartment or a room if you prefer to have a real peaceful rest at night. From every house in Trpejca you can see the lake as if it is right in front of you. In Trpejca there is also a wonderful beach covered with rare colorful pebbles, and there are some exquisite traditional restaurants rights by the beach.
Here you can experience the real taste of the fresh rainbow trout as well as other homemade local specialities.
Nearby the village is the church of the Mother of God Zahumska, erected in 1361. The church stands at the foot of the Mt. Galicica and can be reached only by boat.


Near the village Trebeniste, there is one of the most attractive archaeological localities in Macedonia. Those archaeological discoveries have entered the world anthologies. Most famous are Trebeniste gold masks, two of them are in the museum in Belgrade and two in the museum in Sophia. The masks date from the end of the 6th century and the beginning of the 5th century B.C. They were used to bury the princes from Trebeniste, who belong to the ancient Macedonians.

Unique trails and locations on Galichica, for the fans of mountains tourism

Trekking trail Asan Dzura

It is situated in the central part of the National park and it is 15 km long.

Cycling trail…

The cave “Samatska Dupka”

It is 224 m long, 6 m wide and the ceiling is 2 to 10 m high. There are decorations “draperies” and “cave pearls” in the cave.

The viewpoint “Goga”

It is situated on 1735 m above sea level. Both Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa and the mountains surrounding them, can be seen from here.

“Bachilo” – Mountain house

Traditional object for summer mountain cattle breeding and procession of sheep milk.